Social outings

Get out and explore with our social outings,mystery drives and language-specific outings

We’ll take you there – with care

Meet new people and see new places with our boutique door-to-door service and friendly volunteer drivers and assistants.

We’ll take you on mystery drives, social outings and language-specific outings, with different events and places to experience every month.

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We’ll take you out to explore with fun activities, including:

  • Luncheons
  • Theatre productions
  • Scenic drives
  • Movies
  • Gardens
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How to Book

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Know where you are going

What is the cost?

Social outing prices vary depending on the activity, and can start from just $30. Check out the social calendar to find out what’s on and the cost.

Mystery drive costs for subsidised customers are as follows:
Full day $20
Half day $15

For customers with a Home Care Package or NDIS plan, an additional $20 is charged.

Social outings coming up

Check out our social calendar to find out what upcoming outings you can go on.

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