Individual transport

Need to get to the shops, an appointment, a friend’s or somewhere else?
We’ll take you there – door to door with care

Flexible transport service with care

We’ll get you where you want to go, when you want to go, Monday to Friday 8.30 to 4pm.

Our trusted drivers and volunteers will take you to the door and help you with your bags if you like.

Where can I go?

Travel anywhere on Sydney’s northern beaches for:

  • Health and medical appointments
  • Social activities or visiting a friend
  • Shopping or the hairdressers
  • Anything else you might need or want to do.

Sydney metropolitan area also serviced (additional fees apply).

How to book?

Become a registered customer to use our service.

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Affordable individual transport services

Subsidised customers

If you’re registered with My Aged Care, or transport disadvantaged temporarily or permanently, our fees are:

Booking fee: $5, plus:

  • Northern beaches (in-area) service: $0.50 per km ($15 max each way), or
  • Outside the northern beaches (out of area): $1.50 per km plus any tolls.

Private or package customers

If you have a Home Care Package or NDIS plan, or wish to use our services without having to register with government agencies our fees are:

Booking fee: $5, plus:

  • Northern Beaches (in-area) service: $1.50 per km
  • Outside the Northern Beaches (out of area) service: $2.00 per km plus any tolls
  • Support Worker: as per NDIS guidelines

How can we help?

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Know where you want to go and like to know how much it will be?

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All customers need to be registered with us before making a booking.

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